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We've used our mastery of technology to improve every other aspect of our life, SO WHY SHOULD WATER BE ANY DIFFERENT? That's the line of thinking that led us to the creation of the Acquafy Alkaline Water Pitcher. GREAT HEALTH BENEFITS!

Turns ordinary tap water into alkaline mineral water.
Drinking alkaline anti-oxidant water raises the pH level of your body.

Alkaline Water Pitcher Functions

Chlorine-free testing

From the left picture, we could see the different testing result. We dropped the same Chlorine testing reagent into the tap water and filtered water, the water including chlorine is yellow, and the water without chlorine is clear.


The experiment shows that the filtered water pH is about 9.0-10.5. As we all know that the acidic physique would cause different kinds of diseases. We suggest to drink alkaline water to improve the acid constitution, and then reduce the happening of diseases.


The testing equipment shows the ORP could be reduced to -350mv ` -200mv
based on different water quality.
Small molecule water(absorbed by the human body easily)

Small molecule
The filtered water molecule structure becomes very small, we used Chinese tea to test this function.
Since the filtered water molecule is smaller, it could penetrate into the tea leaves easily, and make the tea color become yellow. This shows small molecule water could be absorbed easily by the human body, and speed up Metabolism.

Alkaline Water Pitcher Indicator Operation
 Quick Details  

Product Name Acquafy - Portable Alkaline Water Pitcher
Use Portable alkaline water pitcher
Function Make Hydrogen Rich Water, Increases PH, and transform into alkaline 
Application High Pure Water Filtration
Material  Plastic
Plastic Type PP
Pitcher Body Material AS
Lid And Handle Material ABS
Cartridge Housing Material PP
Inside Material Active Carbon, Ion Exchange Resin
Alkaline Mineral Balls
Capacity Of Pitcher 3,8 liters
Filtration Capacity 2,5 liters
Drinkware Type Water Pots & Kettles
Certificate CE, FDA, ROHS, NSF, BPA FREE
Filter element service life 6-8 weeks each, based on your local water quality


Dark Blue
1piece/color Box
Product Size (w x h x d) (in) 11.22 x 10.82 x 5.31
Weight (lbs)



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