Acquafy - Alkaline and Ozone Water Purifier

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Acquafy - Alkaline and Ozone Water Purifier

The Ozone Generator Advantage
Detoxification of fruits and vegetables, detoxification of grains, disinfection of clothing tableware, washing clothes, beauty skin care.

The Ozone UF type machine usually can be used in 2 aspects:
1 - To purify the vegetables and fruits according to their ozone generator.

  • Pesticides Degradation: It can degrade residual pesticides and fertilizers on fruits and vegetables effectively.
  • Meat hormones decomposition: Decompose additives, hormones and antibiotics in fresh meat effectively;
  • Baby products Sterilization: Ozone can destroy bacteria that is attached to the bottles or toys according to the strong oxidizing properties.

2 - To purify water, just like a normal water purifier

  • Ultra Filter Membrane through purely physical filtration, using water pressure to work properly without power. And it can effectively remove rust, sediment, colloids, algae, Giardia & Cryptosporidium, bacteria, and other harmful substance in water while retaining the beneficial minerals.

Model:  FLT-GS-B Rated Voltage:  12V
Usage: Kitchen Water Purifier Flow Rate: 120L/H
Water pressure: 0.15-0.3Mpa Installation: Countertop, Wall hanging
Filter Precision:  0.01 micron Water Temperature: 5-45℃
Water Source: Municipal tap water Package Size: 400*257*430mm


 Characteristics: Rotatable Faucet, Touch Screen, Filter Replacement Reminder
Application: House(Kitchen, Lobby, Bedroom), Office, Coffee shop, Restaurant, etc.
Filter Configuration: PP+GAC+UF+T33+Ozonator

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