Acquafy - Shower Water Filter

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Acquafy - Shower Water Filter
Alkaline activated carbon filter bathroom shower

  • Inside KDF from the USA
  • Remove chlorine and heavy metal quickly
  • Relief from dry skin/hair and scalp
  • Softer, silkier, more manageable hair
  • Reduction in dry, frizzy, or brittle hair
  • Less itching and flaking of skin and scalp
  • Less irritation to the eyes
  • Smoother, supple, younger-looking skin
  • Soaps and shampoos with a richer lather
  • Protects expensive hair colors
Stop showering in Chlorine!!!
Chlorine is a toxic gas that attacks living cells. Today it is used to kill micro-organisms in municipal water. However, chlorine damages living cells when attacking organic material. It strips protein from skin and hair, leaving the body dry and causing hair split ends and broken hair shafts. Chlorine is absorbed into the body through the skin when it vaporizes in hot water. In addition, the fumes are inhaled into the lungs and can irritate sensitive eye tissues.
Remove the chlorine and many kinds of heavy metal effectively and instantly:
  • Relief from dry skin and scalp.
  • Healthier younger-looking skin.
  • Softer more manageable hair.
  • Improved lathering and foam.
  • Reduces fading of color-treated hair.
  • Replaceable cartridge makes maintenance simple and affordable.
    Immediately upon use, you will no longer be showering “in chlorine”

Quick Details  
Product Name
Acquafy - Shower Water Filter
Shower Filtration
Power (W)
Voltage (V)
Remove Chlorine And Heavy Metal Quickly
Cartridge material KDF, Calcium Sulfite, mineral Stone
Inlet Female Thread G1/2”
Outlet Male Thread G1/2”
Filter element service life 6 ~ 8 months

Assorted cores
Shell material ABS With UV Oil
Product size
(w x h x d) (in)
3.54 x 4.72 x 3.54
Weight (lbs)
Installation with instruction manual

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