Ecolive Water Purifier EL10 - Cold Water

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New habits, more quality of life

Health and wellness

Alkaline, Antioxidant and Ionized Water

With Ecolive products, you can drink alkaline water (pH above 9), free of bacteria, viruses, rust and chlorine.

Technology and Quality

Technology that transforms tap water into quality water ready for your body.

No Setup Required

Simply put water in the repository and you will have quality treated water, ready for drinking, cooking and washing fruits and vegetables.

Economy and Sustainability

Economical and sustainable solution (when compared to expensive bottled water)

Active Filtration System
Provides excellent tasting water, reducing chlorine taste and the odor from lead and copper.

Product Size
27 cm in diameter and 45 cm in height
10 liter capacity, including a large 700 ml instantly cooled reservoir

  • Filtered water with excellent taste and quality.
  • Simple and easy to use tap water with great results.
  • Cost effective device: just a few cents per litre.
  • Solution that offers treated and cold water for your whole family.

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