1 Alkaline Washing Ball • Easy Refill for 100 Washing Clothes

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Attributes of the Alkaline Washing Ball:

  • 100 Loads
  • Economical
  • Ecological
  • Antibacterial
  • Safeguard fabric
  • Protects nature
  • Chlorine free

Alkaline Washing Ball for washing up to 12kg of clothes.
Accompanies: 1 ball and 2 two bags of mineral pellets and 1 bag of tourmaline ceramic pellets.

The Alkaline Washing Ball is 100% ecological which guarantees a hypoallergenic wash, ideal for washing baby clothes and people with allergies. Because it does not have abrasive products, the bioceramic alkaline elements technology cleans and prolongs the useful life of clothes and washers, as it does not damage the fibers of the clothes or the internal elements of the washers.

  Comparisons    Detergent Alkaline Washing Ball
Sustainability       Toxic chemicals are released into rivers and lakes No chemical is used
 Health  Toxic detergent residue remains on clothes No more itchiness rashes and other skin irritations
Cost For an average family of 4, about $200 is spent on detergent each year Alkaline Washing Ball can be used up to 100 times and can be reloaded
Gentleness                             Strong chemicals make colors fade away and damage fabrics Colors are retained and fabrics stay fresh wash after wash

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