Acquafy - Alkaline Water Purifying Machine Under the Sink

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Acquafy -  Alkaline Water Purifying Machine Under the Sink 

The advantages:

  • Compact design to fit in your kitchen perfectly, great for small kitchen with narrow space.
  • Design and Sophistication.
  • No apparent hoses.
  • The purifying machine is under the sink.
  • Fashionable design with Food Grade Plastic which is free of Lead, Benzene, and Mercury which is super safe for your family.
  • Double Water Outlet lets you enjoy purified water/alkaline water at your own choice.
  • Easy to install by yourself. No more headache of the complicated installation procedure.
  • Great taste mineralization water with the improved filtration process.
  • Easy to replace filters in less than 1 minute, an LED digital panel helps you to monitor the shelf life of all water filters.
  • No Waste Water.

Filtration & Functions

Stage 1: PP Filter removes all sand, finds suspensions, rust, red worm, and other bigger particle impurity.

Stage 2: GAC Filter removes organic pollutants, residual Chlorine, color and bad odors.

Stage 3: Composite Mineralization Filter can raise the water PH value, increase the content of hydrogen molecule, and reduce ORP which could enhance body immunity, reduce the happening of disease, and anti-aging.

Stage 4: 0.01micron UF Membrane can effectively filter out harmful substances such as bacteria, macromolecular organic substances, giardia, bacteria, virus, colloid, and retaining mineral element.

Stage 5: NSF-approved T33 filter improves the water taste and gives the best taste of water. acquafy_alkaline_water_filter_under_sink_filter1acquafy_alkaline_water_filter_under_sink_filter2acquafy_alkaline_water_filter_under_sink_filter3acquafy_alkaline_water_filter_under_sink_filter4acquafy_alkaline_water_filter_under_sink_filter5acquafy_alkaline_water_filter_under_sink_installation

Quick Details
Product name
Acquafy -  Alkaline Water Purifying Machine Under the Sink
Activated Carbon and Alkaline Water
Power (W)
Voltage (V)
Certification CE
Double Water Outlet, Hydrogen-Rich, Low ORP, and High pH
Material Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane
Material type UF membrane
Filtration process PP + GAC + MCF + UF + T33
1st stage PP Spun Filter, 5 mic, regular type
2nd stage Granular Carbon Filter, regular type
3rd stage Composite Mineralization Filter
4th stage 0.01micron UF Membrane can effectively filter
5th stage T33 filter improves the water taste and gives the best taste
Purified water pH value 9.5 ~ 10.5
Purified water ORP value -200mv ~ -350mv
Purified water hydrogen value 600 ~ 900 (ppb)
Feature Mineral Alkaline
Designed water flux 200L/h
Operating temperature 5-45℃
The pressure of feed water 0.1-0.4Mpa
Work pressure 1-3kg
Capacity 200l/hour
Filter element service life Filters 1 and 2 - 6 months
Filters 3, 4 and 5 - 12 months
Sold in the pack for 1 year

Golden or Silver
Shell material ABS
Product size
(w x h x d) (in)
16.14 x 12.99 x 3.93
Packages size
(w x h x d) (in)
24.80 x 18.89 x 17.32
Under-sink (lbs)
Installation with instruction manual

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